Workshops/Stages 2015

Registration for our May 2015 screendance (dance filmmaking) and art workshops is now open!/Les inscriptions pour nos stages de vidéo-danse et de land art en mai 2015 sont ouvertes !

 Screendance Making: An introductory screendance workshop open to professionals and university-level students of all media (dance, visual art, film, etc.) interested in creating movement-based video projects. The workshop will explore the vast creative possibilities of screendance through a variety of group and individual activities that will enhance each participant’s creative, theoretical, and practical knowledge. The workshop will include camera work, creating movement for the screen, editing demonstrations, professional development strategies (screening and financing screendance projects), as well as screenings and lectures that take place throughout the festival week. Workshop participants will also have the opportunity to collaborate with a group of visiting visual artists during a laboratory day to create a short film that will be screened during the festival. Workshop fee is 150 euros and takes place 18-23 May 2015.  Workshop language: English

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Raw Earth Art, a hands-on workshop for creative improvisation in sculpture, using materials found in nature to create installations variously known as land art or site specific works within the parks and public green spaces of Le Creusot, France. In collaboration with artists from the disciplines of screendance and performance art, the creation of sculptural works in the landscape will lead to short film screened during the final day of the festival.

The workshop is open to professional visual and performing artists from all media, as well as university art students, who wish to engage with natural spaces as a source of both creative materials and the site of art making itself. The workshop is led by Diana Heyne (New York Botanical Garden, American National Botanical Garden, etc.).

Space is limited and open on a first come/first serve basis. Workshop fee is 150 euros and takes place 19-23 May 2015. Workshop language: English

For more information, please see: or e-mail